Account Configuration

The Account Configuration section includes topics covering global attributes, tracking source and permission, and the folder tree.


For marketers in the recruiting space, Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, has added the ability to classify records as candidates, in addition to leads or contacts. Candidates are normally used in CRMs like Bullhorn to represent someone seeking a job.

When creating a new campaign/landing page/event in Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, the creation Wizard will ask you what folder in which the new item should live. If you're mid-Wizard and don't see what looks to be the correct folder, don't worry and finish creating your item, as this article will tell you how to create the correct folder and move folders around.

Usually in Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, Alerts go to those whose duty it is to follow up on leads/contacts to ensure an opportunity doesn't slip away, ie the Owner. More often than not, however, the only options for receiving alerts is to the Owner, a Role or a Geo.

Generating leads is usually the number one goal of marketers. With all the effort and cost associated, knowing how your leads are performing should be critical to every marketer. Not only can this information help make a marketer successful, some global regulations rest the burden of proof for consent on the data collector. If you are not tracking and capturing this information, you may run risk of not being able to show proof of consent down the road.  Track the source of your contacts so that you can:

What are General Attributes?

Sugar Market's, formerly known as Salesfusion's, web analytics is a unique web analytics platform that differs from other web analytics platforms like Google Analytics or Web Trends.  Sugar Market focuses on B2B conversion where Google Analytics focuses on eCommerce applications.

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