The Deliverability section includes topics covering bounce codes, IP addresses, email, and anti-spam laws.


What is IP Whitelisting?

When it comes to email deliverability to Microsoft they do things a bit differently than some of the other large email providers.  They are primarily focused on the sender reputation that is created by Microsoft.  Here are some of the more important factors when emailing to Microsoft.

What are Role Addresses?

Sender reputation is calculated differently at all receivers to determine reputation. There are a few public sites that provide a glimpse into sender reputation that you can look up based on IP or sending domain, the most well known is Return Path's Sender Score.

Large email hosts like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail have certain policies that can affect your email delivery rate to their systems. You can find links to these different policies below. Use these guides to craft emails that will have better delivery rates to these systems.

There are two types of spam traps:

Use the testing center to see how your email will look in various email clients. Go to Analyze, Campaigns, Advanced Testing Previews:

Email deliverability is a complicated topic that is comprised of many different factors.  To improve email delivery rates a sender will want to be aware of everything from email contents to SPF and DKIM settings.  Here are the first steps that support will check for deliverability based issues that you should check before contacting support.  If all of these steps are checked and accounted for then please reach out to Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, Support and they will go to the advanced troubleshooting methods for deliverability.

CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) is an act that was passed in 2003. It is a very important law that you need to know about if you are sending electronic marketing email. If you do not abide by it, you are subject to fines and penalties from the U.S. Federal Government of up to $16,000 per violation.

CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) applies to commercial electronic messages (CEM) sent to or from a computer system located in Canada, installation of computer programs, and prohibits the unauthorized alteration of transmission data. CASL came into force July 1, 2014. In March 2015, the first penalties for violating CASL were issued for $1.1 M.

At times your email will bounce back with a code you may not understand within Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion. This is a list of categories to help you understand what exactly happened with that email address.

Step-by-Step Guide

Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, offers both shared and dedicated IP addresses for our client's email programs. Both shared and dedicated IPs have pros and cons associated with each and the below should help identify what works best for your sending practices.

What is Email Authentication (DKIM / SPF)?

When a recipient clicks 'This is Spam' on an email message you sent, it is considered a complaint. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide visibility into who clicked 'This is Spam' and sends a copy of the message to Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, so that we can automatically suppress these complainers from your future mailings. Sugar Market has already gone through an application process to enable the Feedback Loop setup with all available mailbox providers who offer this service.

Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, maintains a global suppression list of email addresses, usernames and domains that should not be mailed to by anyone through our system. This is to protect Sugar Market and clients from sending to email addresses that are know spam traps, have requested globally to not receive marketing communications from any clients, the FCC wireless domains required to be suppressed, role accounts and additional domains that may hinder deliverability.  Emails that match our global suppression database will be marked as such in your account.

How Bounces are Processed in Sugar Market, Formerly Known as Salesfusion

To establish a successful sending reputation for your IP address, it is encouraged that you properly warm up your IP address using a few of the tips we recommend below.

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