License Management

The License Management section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting license validation in Sugar.


When trying to connect to the Sugar Updates and License Validation servers, one of the following errors may be received:

The information in this article helps troubleshoot license validation issues when you cannot validate your license key through Admin > License Management or via manual validation after moving Sugar to a new server.

Sugar is purchased with a set number of user seats that allow users to access the application. If your instance has more active users than is allowed by your Sugar license, regular users will not be able to log in and a warning will display. This article covers which user types count towards your licensed user limits, the basics of license types and how licensed user limits are calculated (for versions 9.1.0+), and how to regain access to your Sugar instance when exceeding the license limit. For more information on users in Sugar, please refer to the User Management documentation.

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