Products and Quotes

The Products and Quotes section includes topics covering working with and troubleshooting products, product catalog, quotes, and quoted line items in Sugar.


Since quotes include product details, which belong to the Products module, it is not possible to import them automatically into Sugar®.

Products can be broadly classified into product types, such as Software and Hardware. A product type can be further organized into several categories. For example, software may be sub-divided into Business software and Educational software categories. Each product type can consist of several product categories. Each product category can further be grouped into sub-categories to better organize and manage them. The administrator sets up a list of product types and categories from which users can select what they need.

When an item price is presented as a fraction computed to the third decimal point (for example, $0.014), Sugar automatically rounds up the amount to the nearest cent ($0.01 in this example). How can I prevent this behavior?

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