The Reports section includes topics covering advanced analytics, data fields, tables, and the report wizard.


This tutorial introduces you to data exploration with Advanced Analytics. When you finish, you'll understand where to start pulling data in Advanced Analytics, how to modify a report to see more detail, and how to drill down to gain deeper insights.

Advanced Analytics lets you limit the data you see based on criteria you specify. For example, you might want to filter the results to the last three months, or for a certain customer. You can also limit the number of rows displayed, or the number of pivot columns displayed. This tutorial introduces you to filtering and limiting data in Advanced Analytics .

This tutorial introduces you to finding existing content within Advanced Analytics. Content in Advanced Analytics can take the form of either a dashboard, or the results of a data exploration, which is also called a "Look."

What are Standard Views?

The Report Wizard in Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, is a beautiful hybrid between standard and custom reports. As you may know, Standard Reports are pre-built reports with very little room for customization. Custom Reports, while highly customizable, require a good bit of knowledge to apply the right filters and groupings to pull in the data you need. The Report Wizard gives you the best of both worlds. It creates the foundation of the report for you, applying filters and grouping where needed, but also allows you to control what your data output looks like and attach additional filtering criteria.

Question: How do I add or remove a user for Advanced Analytics?

Advanced Analytics Views

Advanced Analytics in Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, empower users to deeper marketing insights through powerful, flexible functionality

Quick Start Video

Many people who utilize the Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, platform don't actually do it from within our UI, but remain in their CRM and send one-off emails to one contact at a time. While it might appear as if we don't keep a list of these emails, they are at least readily available in the contact's journey. 

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