Adding an Image to Email Signatures


    Users can create custom email signatures to use on email messages composed in Sugar®. This article explains how to add an image – like your company logo – in the signature line of emails for a professional, on-brand look.

    For general information on creating signatures, please refer to the Emails documentation.

    Note: This article pertains to Sugar versions 7.9.x and earlier.

    Steps to Complete

    Use the following steps to create a signature with an image:

    1. Navigate to the Emails module and click the Settings button.
    2. Create a new signature by clicking the Create button to the right of the Signatures field. To edit an existing signature, choose the signature and click “Edit”.
    3. Provide a name for the signature and compose your signature text. Place the cursor where you want to include the image then click the Insert/Edit Image icon  on the toolbar to display the embed image menu.
    4. Enter the web address of the image you wish to use to the Image URL field and click “Insert”.
      • Note: The image must be publicly accessible and the URL must end with the actual image file name such as “”. You can also scale the image by filling in the Dimensions fields or specify other image attributes.
    5. Click “Save” to finalize the signature.

    Once a signature has been saved, it may be in included in an email by selecting it from the right-hand panel’s Options tab while composing the email.

    Note: In order to have a signature automatically included in emails you compose, click “Settings” and ensure it is selected in the Signatures dropdown list.

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