Advanced A/B Testing

    Advanced A/B in Email Builder offers users a simple in-flow setup process to automate campaign testing with the greatest precision and control. Whereas basic A/B splits your email audience, sending half to version A and half to version B, Advanced A/B allows the user to specify the percentage of recipients they want to receive the test emails, with the ultimate goal being to determine the best email (or “winner”) and to send the remainder of the list the best performing email. The solution offers additional flexibility and precision by allowing the user to specify which criteria (open or click rate) determines the winning email. 

    To perform an Advanced A/B test in Email Builder, perform the following steps:

    Create> Campaign>Single Email
    1) Select A/B test, then Advanced A/B as your type
    2) Specify the sample size you want to send test email A and B to (the system will automatically split your percentage between the two samples)
    3) Specify open or click rate as your success measurement
    4) Confirm that your remaining percentage is correct and is represented under “second” send 
    5) Proceed to the next page and select what type of factor test you would like to use. Best practice standards suggest usage of a single factor test only as usage of multi-factor tends to blur the root cause for success or failure.
    6) Set up your email as you would for any standard send (name, folder, etc)
    7) Select how you would like to build your email (drag and drop or code your own). 
    8) Create your first email (aka A). When complete, use the A/B toggle in the left hand panel to make B from A or select a new template for B. For code you own, please note, at time of release, only B from A is available. Make B from a new template will be available in a future release. 
    9) Make your second email (aka B). Hit next upon complete.
    10) Select your recipient list. Hit next
    11) Select your send times for both your sample test emails and the time you want your winning email to send. Please note that the winning email cannot be sent any less than 4 hours from your sample test so that sufficient time is given to your sample recipients to respond. 
    12) Confirm and send you sample and optimized email. 
    13) Check your results on your Advanced A/B dashboard after 4+ hours have passed. Read more about the Advanced A/B dashboard 

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