Associating landing pages in Email Builder 1.0

    Recognizing the importance of building an email end to end without disruption, Email Builder offers easy access to Landing Page URLs without having to leave the build experience to link to a button or text.

    Depending on how you like to style your calls to action, the landing page directory is available in both Image/Button and Text components.

    For your call to action through a text, simply:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.11.16 AM

    1) Type and highlight your text
    2) Click link from the text tool bar
    3) Select landing page link type from the modal
    4) Select your landing page

    For your call to action through an image/button: 

    1) Select the radio button: link to landing page
    2) Search for and select your landing page

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.11.33 AM

    Note that in both scenarios, the system will allow you to select both active and in-active pages. This is to ensure you can connect something in draft state and return later to complete it. 

    At the confirm and send page, Email Builder will recap the landing pages associated to your campaign as well as its’ active or inactive status. Once you hit send, the builder will offer you a direct link to any in-active page so you can complete your work or set the status to active. If you miss the opportunity to use the direct link, the email dashboard will reference your associate landing pages and their status as a second point of reference and reminder.

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