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    For marketers in the recruiting space, Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, has added the ability to classify records as candidates, in addition to leads or contacts. Candidates are normally used in CRMs like Bullhorn to represent someone seeking a job.

    Why would I label someone as a candidate?

    Staffing and recruiting firms often use a specialized CRM to manage their sales and recruiting cycles. When integrated with a marketing automation platform, it becomes necessary to sync down candidates, along with leads and contacts, into Sugar Market in order to complete the loop between sales and recruiting and marketing.

    If you do not market in the recruiting space, it is probably not necessary to label someone as a candidate.

    Where can I manage my candidates within Sugar Market?

    You can manage your candidates in all the same places you currently manage leads and contacts. Specific examples where candidates are available are:

    • Segmentations, custom reports, standard reports and advanced segmentations
    • Contacts 2.0
    • Account Card
    • CRM Call Down

    How can I add candidates to my Sugar Market instance?

    If you want to add candidates to your Sugar Market instance, contact Sugar Market support and ask a support representative to add the permissions to your instance. They will provide you will three new permissions:

    • Recruiting Features
    • Candidate Page Layouts
    • Field Definitions Candidates

    Your Sugar Market admin will need to add the above permissions to a role, including the Admin Navigation role, before the candidate features are visible in Sugar Market. This can be done under Account Management > Roles > Navigation Access.


    Why can’t I see candidates in my Sugar Market instance?

    If you can not see candidate features in Sugar Market and already contacted Sugar Market support, most likely the new permissions have not been assigned to your role. Your Sugar Market admin should add the candidate and recruiting permissions to each role, including their own, who needs access to them.

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