Configuring IMAP Exchange to Use Unicode (UTF-8) Fonts


    Some users encounter issues when using SugarCRM with an IMAP Exchange Server. These issues may include:

    • Deleting an email in an IMAP folder fails
    • Dragging an email from one IMAP folder to another fails
    • Creating new IMAP folders fail

    Steps to Complete

    The User’s IMAP settings within Exchange need to use the Unicode (UTF-8) character set. To set the User’s IMAP Exchange Settings to use Unicode (UTF-8) font:

    1. Log into the Exchange Server.
    2. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers > Domain.
    3. Right click on a User and select Properties.
    4. Click on the Exchange Features Tab.
    5. Click on IMAP or IMAP4 and select Properties to open a separate Exchange Features window with the IMAP(4) tab.
    6. Uncheck the “Use protocol defaults” box.
    7. Under Mime encoding, either select ‘Provide message body as HTML’ or ‘Both.’
    8. In the Default character set drop-down menu, select “Unicode (UTF-8).
    9. Uncheck the “Use Microsoft Exchange rich-text format” box.
    10. Check the “Enable fast message retrieval” box.
    11. Uncheck the “Include all public folders when a folder list is requested” box.
    12. Select the “OK” button to close the Exchange Features window.
    13. Select the “OK” button to close the User Properties window.
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