Creating a Flex Relate Field


    Linking various pieces of information together is a vital function of CRM. Sugar provides three different ways you can create connections between modules: relationships, relate fields, and flex relate fields.

    For more information about each of these three types of connections, including a more thorough description of flex relate fields, please refer to the article Introduction to Relationships and Relate Fields.

    Note: Beginning with version 9.1.0, each user’s license type (e.g. Sugar Serve) determines what functionality is available as described in the User Management documentation. The Cases module used as an example in this article is not available for Sugar Sell users, but creating a flex relate field works similarly for many other modules.  

    Steps to Complete

    The example below creates a flex relate field in the Cases module and associates it to a record to the Leads module.

    1. Navigate to Admin > Studio > Cases > Fields and click “Add Field”.
    2. Create the field. Select the “Data Type” as “Flex Relate”.
      • Please note that the field name is not editable.
    3. Click “Save”.
    4. Add the flex relate field to the Cases recordview layout.
    5. Once the field is added to the layout, click “Save & Deploy”.
    6. Now hover over the Cases module and select “Create Case”.
    7. Choose the Leads module from the dropdown list and select the lead record to relate to the case.
    8. Once the record is saved, the related lead will be displayed in the case’s recordview.

    Please note that the case record will not show up in the related lead record since it is a one-way relationship.

    in Studio and Module Builder

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