Creating a Web-to-Lead Form


    Sugar provides a simple way to allow visitors to your website or other online location to become leads in your Sugar instance. You can create a web-to-lead form via the Campaigns module in Sugar and place the form on an external website. Then when a visitor to your site completes and submits the form, their information is entered into Sugar as a new Lead record.

    Beginning with version 9.1.0, each user’s license type (e.g. Sugar Serve) determines what functionality is available as described in the User Management documentation. Please note that the Campaigns module is not available for Sugar Serve users.

    Steps to Complete

    Creating the Form

    1. Hovering on the Campaigns tab, select “Create Lead Form” from the drop down menu. This will display the Create Lead Form Wizard.
    2. Drag and drop the fields you wish to include on your form from the Available Fields list on the left to the Leads Form (First Column) or to the Leads Form (Second Column) list. You can also choose to Add All Fields to either column by clicking the Add All Fields button at the bottom. Ensure that “Last Name” is included on your Leads Form lists as it is a required field.
    3. When all desired fields are included and arranged, click the Next button.
    4. On the next screen, enter information for the fields listed below:
      • Form Header : The default header is displayed. You can modify this to suit your needs.
      • Form Description : A brief description will appear on the form. Feel free to edit this or remove it altogether.
      • Submit Button Label : By default, the button at the bottom of your form will say “Submit”. You can edit this to “Sign Up” or some other wording to suit your needs.
      • Post URL : This is the location where the lead information will be stored. To modify this information, select the Edit Post URL? Checkbox and then enter the new location.
      • Redirect URL : Enter the URL of the page that you would like your leads to view after they have submitted their information. If no URL is specified, Sugar will display a “Thank you for your Submission” message.
      • Related Campaign : Enter the name of the campaign that is related to this lead form. Select an existing campaign by clicking the Select Campaign button. Leads generated from the form will automatically be associated to this campaign.
      • Assigned To : Enter the name of the individual who you want to assign to the new lead record or click Select to choose a user from the User List. By default, the record is assigned to the creator of the new form.
      • Team : Enter the name of the team that is allowed access to the leads generated from this form. To change the primary team, either enter the team name here or select the team. By default, the team will be Global. More than one team can be assigned simultaneously. For more information on teams, please refer to the Team Management Knowledge Base articles.
      • Form Footer : Enter text to appear at the bottom of the form if desired.
    5. Click “Generate Form”. This will generate the HTML and display your completed form. Here you can make any desired changes as well as save the form to your computer so that it can be placed on your website or other online location. Please refer to the below section on ways to save the form.
    6. You can make additional modifications by using the WYSIWYG tools or clicking the “HTML” button to insert direct code.
    7. Once any additional changes have been completed, click the “Save Web To Lead Form” button.

    Saving the Generated Form

    Your generated form will not be available after leaving this screen. There is an existing feature request to allow for accessing your web-to-lead forms after they have been created, but until the feature is implemented, you will need to save it immediately after creation.

    To save the form, one of the following options should be chosen:

    • To download the form, right click the “Web To Lead” form link and select “Save Link As…”. Then select the desired location and name the file.
    • To embed the HTML directly into another page, copy the HTML from the designated box. In order for accented and other special characters will be submitted properly in the form, please insert that the indicated code into the section of your target web page.
    • For On-Site instances, you can access your generated forms at any time in the ./cache/generated_forms/ folder of your Sugar directory on the server. You can copy the file from here and move it to another location if necessary.
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