Creating an Email Bounce Report

    Step-by-Step Guide


    All Bounce data

    1. Use the following attributes for the Custom Report:
    • Select Data Source: ‘Standard Views’
    • Table/View: ‘viewSystemSoftwareBounce’
    • Report Type: Tabular
    • Report Name: Give report a name
    • Go to the ‘Columns’ tab and select ‘Quick Add’. Pull across ‘Email Address’, ‘BounceCode’, ‘BounceData’, and ‘LogDate’. 

    • Click ‘Save’.
    • View Report

    Use this chart to look up the different bounce code definitions

    Hard Bounce

    advanced report
    1. Name the report.
    2. Select Marketing Section: Emails
    3. Report Category: Bounced
    4. Use these fields in the report:
      • CampaignerActual.postDate
      • Contacts.Email
      • Contacts.delStatus
      • Contacts.delMessage
    5. Select Campaign.
    6. View Report.
    in Deliverability

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