Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP

    Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, offers both shared and dedicated IP addresses for our client’s email programs. Both shared and dedicated IPs have pros and cons associated with each and the below should help identify what works best for your sending practices.

    NOTE: Dedicated IP addresses have additional costs, please see your Client Success Manager for more information.

    Dedicated IP

    Pros Cons
    No IP history, you create your own sending reputation. Low or infrequent volume may impact IP reputation.
    Other client actions will not impact your delivery. Takes time to ramp-up and build sending reputation and be eligible for whitelisting.
    Troubleshooting is easier since everything is self- managed.  

    Shared IP

    Pros Cons
    Established reputation, little warm  up period to being sending. Other client’s sends my impact the shared reputation and delivery.
    Whiltelisting is established. Can be more difficult to troubleshoot issues in a shared environment.
    No additional cost for IPs.  
    Shared volume helps maintain reputation.  
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