Determining Which Database Sugar is Running


    When considering changes to your on-site deployment, you may need to determine which type of database your instance uses.

    Steps to Complete

    You can determine your instance’s database vendor by following these steps:

    1. Login to your SugarCRM instance as an admin user
    2. Navigate to the Admin page
    3. Click Diagnostic Tool
    4. Click Execute Diagnostic
    5. Download and extract the diagnostic file
    6. From the extracted files open config.php
    7. Locate the property ‘db_type’ within the ‘dbconfig’ array
      'dbconfig' =>
        array (
          'db_host_name' => 'localhost',
          'db_host_instance' => 'SQLEXPRESS',
          'db_user_name' => 'sugarcrm',
          'db_password' => '********',
          'db_name' => 'sugarcrm',
          'db_type' => 'mysql',

      Possible values include mysql, mssql, and oci8 which refer to the vendors MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle respectively.

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