Downgrading Sugar Editions


    When a customer wishes to downgrade Sugar editions, the following steps must be taken. When moving from any higher edition to a lower one, we recommend making the transition first on a cloned instance for testing prior to downgrading your production instance.

    Steps to Complete

    Downgrading from Sugar Ultimate and Enterprise to Professional means you will lose the Revenue Line Items module. Additionally, access will be lost to Enterprise-level features such as Advanced Workflow, Role-based Views, and the Customer Support Portal. The following considerations need to be made when downgrading in relation to functions that will no longer be available:

    • In the Reports module of your Ultimate and Enterprise edition take note of any reports that target the revenue line items module, or any report that has a filter for fields in the revenue line items module. These reports will no longer work after downgrading. You can do one of the following:
      • Delete the report, and recreate it after downgrading.
      • Remove the filters and/or display fields that reference the Revenue Line items ( e.g. Revenue Line items > status ), then after downgrading re-add the filters and/or display fields that reference the Opportunities module instead.
    • Sugar’s Advanced Workflow is exclusive to Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Sugar. So the Advanced Workflow Scheduled Job scheduler must be deleted from Admin > Scheduler to prevent any errors. You can also delete the Advanced Workflow scheduler by running the following query:
      DELETE FROM schedulers WHERE name = 'Advanced Workflow Scheduled Job';
    • In the legacy Workflow module, take note of any workflows targeting the Revenue Line Items module and delete them. These workflows could cause adverse behavior if left intact after the downgrade. After the downgrade, you can choose to recreate those workflows against the Opportunities module.
    • Calculated fields that reference the Revenue Line Items module will no longer work, after the downgrade. References made to the Revenue Line Items module need to be updated to reference the corresponding fields in the Opportunities module or removed.

    To downgrade your instance, perform the following steps:

    1. Install a clean copy of Sugar Professional on your server that you wish to downgrade towards. The version of Sugar Professional must match your current version of Sugar.
    2. If you are installing Sugar Professional on a different server than your Sugar Enterprise or Sugar Ultimate installation, copy your original database onto the new server if you want both the database and web server to reside on the same location.
    3. Copy the ./custom/ and ./upload/ directories from the original versions application files to the new edition’s application files.
    4. If you have any custom modules deployed, locate the folder for each custom module under the ./modules/ directory of the original installation and copy them to the same directory on the new installation.
    5. Copy the ./config.php and ./config_override.php files from the original version to the new install.
    6. Modify the ./config.php file and update the database settings (point to the DB loaded in step 2), site_url and host_name to match your new environment.
    7. Log into the new instance and then run Admin > Repair > Quick Repair & Rebuild
    8. Run an index for your Full Text Search (FTS) by first going to Admin > Search and ensure the search engine settings are accurate. Once confirmed, click the ‘Schedule System Index’ button to ensure all of your data will be searchable.
    9. Update the config database table and change the forecast_by value from RevenueLineItems to Opportunities, you can do so by running the following query:
      UPDATE `config` SET value = 'Opportunities' WHERE name = 'forecast_by';
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