Editing a Module’s Subpanels


    Every record’s detailview will display subpanels which list related records from other modules. The fields displayed on these subpanel as well as the label of each subpanel can be easily modified through Studio so that your users have visibility to the most important fields for your organization.

    Steps to Complete

    As an example, the following steps will modify the Contacts subpanel as it appears on each account detailview:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Studio > Accounts > Subpanels > Contacts.
    2. To add a field to the subpanel, drag and drop fields from the Hidden column to the Default column.
    3. To remove a field from the subpanel, drag and drop fields from the Default to Hidden column.
    4. To change the subpanel’s label, enter a new name in the Title field.
    5. To change the width of a field on the subpanel, click the pencil icon next to each field. Here you can enter what percentage of the total width of the subpanel should be dedicated to this column. Enter a new value and click “Save”.
    6. To change the label of the field, you will need to modify the labels of these fields on contact’s listview layout (Studio > Contacts > Layouts > ListView) since the two are connected. For more information about editing labels, please refer to the article Editing a Module’s Labels.
    7. To change the left-to-right order of the fields displayed on the subpanel, drag and drop fields up or down within the Default list.
    8. Once you are ready to push the new subpanel layout to your users, click “Save & Deploy”.

    Activities and History Subpanel

    For modules with the relevant relationships, the Activities subpanel lists open tasks, calls, and meetings that a user has scheduled for the module record. Once the activities have taken place, they will show up under the History subpanel. The History subpanel also includes note and emails associated with the record.

    Currently the Activities and History subpanels cannot be edited through Studio. There is an existing enhancement request for the ability to edit these subpanels.

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