Editing Layouts for Sugar Mobile


    Admin users can easily customize their Sugar Mobile app layouts via Admin > Studio to suit their business needs. Studio is available when accessing the desktop version of the Sugar® instance. For more information about altering various mobile layouts, please refer to the Studio documentation.

    Note: Commercial editions of Sugar running a supported version of 7.x may be accessed from Sugar Mobile. For more information on supported devices, please refer to the Mobile Supported Platforms page.


    You must be an administrator or have developer-level role access to make the necessary changes in Admin > Studio.

    Use Case

    A customer wants to add the Fax field to the Accounts module’s edit view in Sugar Mobile. This will enable users of the mobile app to quickly update accounts when they are visiting clients away from the office. 

    Steps to Complete

    In order to change a layout in Sugar Mobile, you must log into the desktop version of your Sugar instance and make changes via Admin > Studio. Once the changes have been deployed, Sugar Mobile will load the new configurations to your mobile device.

    Note: While this use case involves adding a new field to the layout, you can easily rearrange existing fields by dragging and dropping fields to new positions on the mobile layout in Studio. When you move a field to a different position, the displaced field is bumped to its replacement’s previous position. For more information on editing layouts, please refer to the Studio documentation.

    Modifying the Layout Via Sugar

    The following steps will cover adding a the Fax field to Sugar Mobile’s Accounts edit view as an example:

    1. Navigate to the Admin panel and select “Studio”.
    2. Choose Accounts as the module and then navigate to Mobile Layouts > Mobile Edit View.
    3. Drag and drop “New Row” from the Toolbox to the position in the layout where you wish to place the Fax field.
    4. Drag and drop “Fax” to the new row.
    5. Click “Save and Deploy” to finalize. 

    Loading New Layouts to Sugar Mobile

    Once the changes have been deployed in the desktop version of your instance, Sugar Mobile will display a popup window asking for confirmation to load the changes. Tap “Yes” to have the new layouts appear in the app.

    ConfirmConfigChanges Crop


    After the new configuration has been loaded, the Fax field will display in the Accounts edit view on your Sugar Mobile app.

    EditView Crop
    in Mobile

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