Email Authentication (DKIM / SPF)

    What is Email Authentication (DKIM / SPF)?

    Authentication is a way for email senders to state they are legitimate senders and that they are who they say they are. Spam, spoofing and phishing are prevalent in the email ecosystem and with proper authentication established it provides a valid check for who the sender says they are. Thus trust can be verified for senders to be allowed into a receiving network. Every legitimate email marketer should see benefits from using authentication as it will prevent many deliverability problems.

    Why should I authenticate?

    Authentication is becoming a required standard to help emails get delivered to recipients and organizations managing incoming email increasingly discriminate against messages that cannot be properly authenticated. Authentication provides brand protection for your sending brand. Some ISPs are even warning users when non-authenticated email is delivered and non-authenticated, legitimate email might come with a security message suggesting the email could be “fake”.

    How do I configure DKIM / SPF for my sending domains and/or subdomain?

    1. To obtain your SPF/DKIM records, go to the User menu in the upper right hand corner and click on ‘Account Configuration’.
    2. In the ‘Master Administration View’, locate the ‘General Atrributes’ and double click.
    3. Click on the ‘Emails’ tab, then click ‘View SPF and DKIM Authentication Information’.
    4. On this webpage will be instructions on how to setup your DNS records for email authentication. 
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