Enabling Offline Access in Sugar Mobile


    Sugar Mobile allows users’ mobile devices to access Sugar® records, manage daily activities, initiate phone calls, send SMS and emails, map addresses, and more while away from their computers. Administrators can enable offline capabilities for Sugar Mobile. This feature allows your mobile device to cache records for offline viewing as well as buffer changes you make to records while offline which can then be synced upon reconnecting. Viewing a record in any list view, record view, or edit view will cause it to be automatically cached to your local database. For more information on offline caching, please refer to the Sugar Mobile User Guide for your specific mobile device (i.e. Android or iOS).


    You must be an administrator or have developer-level role access to make the necessary changes in Admin > Mobile in the Sugar instance.

    Steps to Complete

    Before using the offline functionality, your administrator must first enable it the instance. Then, users can enable the Offline Mode feature on their devices.

    Enabling Offline Capability in Sugar

    The following steps cover how to enable offline capability for Sugar Mobile via your Sugar instance. 
    Note: Only Sugar administrators can perform this configuration.

    1. Navigate to the Admin panel and click “Mobile”.
    2. Check the “Offline enabled” box.
    3. Then, click “Save” to finalize the changes.

    Please note that the offline setting must be enabled in your Sugar instance prior to enabling this feature on your mobile device. 

    Enabling Offline Mode in Sugar Mobile

    Once the offline capability is enabled in your Sugar instance, each user will need to enable it on their mobile device as well.

    1. Open the Sugar Mobile app and tap the three-bar icon to open the Main Menu.
    2. Scroll down the main menu and tap “Settings”.
    3. Turn on Offline Mode and then tap “Save” to activate.


    The offline status indicator will appear as a colored dot in the Main Menu next to the Offline Settings menu item. Tapping to enter the Offline Settings option reveals more detail about the current offline status. For more information on the different status colors, please refer to the Sugar Mobile User Guide.

    Offline Status Indicator

    The offline capability can be disabled via the Settings page in Sugar Mobile by turning off Offline Mode. However, please note that doing so will delete your device’s local copies of any Sugar records and forget any changes that were made to records on the device that have not yet synced to the instance.  

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