Health Check Error: Customizations to the Contacts Subpanel in Emails


    The Health Check wizard must be run when upgrading to evaluate whether your instance is suitable for upgrade. During the health check, various types of issues may be detected which can affect your ability to upgrade. This article will cover the “There are customizations to the Contacts subpanel in Emails” error reported by the health check.


    This error generates an output similar to the following in health check:

    HCArticle CustomEmailsSubpanelforContactsExists


    The generated error message will help determine the contents of the file causing the health check error. The code-level customization may need to be modified in order to behave as expected in the upgraded instance.

    The example error shown above indicates that there are customizations to the Contacts subpanel which appears in the Emails record view defined in the following file, ./custom/modules/Emails/clients/base/views/subpanel-for-contacts/subpanel-for-contacts.php.

    In Sugar 7.11 and above, new Emails subpanel metadata is used throughout Sugar modules to allow unlinking of email records except where emails are implicitly related via a matching email address or automated email importing. The Emails record view now uses a new view called subpanel-for-contacts-archived-emails rather than subpanel-for-contacts

    To have your customizations be applied to the correct subpanel and available on the Emails record view, customizations to the subpanel-for-contacts view should be changed to use subpanel-for-contacts-archived-emails instead.

    Once the necessary change has been made, please navigate to Admin > Repair and perform a “Quick Repair and Rebuild”. Then perform the health check again to confirm that this issue has been resolved.

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