Health Check Error: Extension dir


    The Health Check wizard must be run when upgrading in order to evaluate your instance’s ability to move to the target version. During the health check, various types of issues may be detected which can affect your ability to upgrade. This article will cover how to resolve an “Extension dir” error reported by the health check.


    This error generates an output similar to the following in health check:



    In this example, the directory identified in the health check error is referenced in ./custom/Accounts/Ext/JSGroupings/ directory.

    This error will occur if any of the following directory names are present in a module at the ./custom/Extension/modules/{module name}/Ext/ directory level and they also contain PHP files with contents:

    • ActionViewMap
    • ActionFileMap
    • ActionReMap
    • EntryPointRegistry
    • FileAccessControlMap
    • WirelessModuleRegistry
    • JSGroupings

    These directories, along with any files or directories in them are not supported for upgrade to your target versiuon and will need to be moved to a different directory level before proceeding with the upgrade. It is recommended that the offending directory be relocated to ./custom/Extension/modules/{module name}/Ext/Disabled/ in order to preserve the custom files so that they can be referenced when developing comparable customizations after the upgrade completes. Once the directories are relocated, you will need to run a system repair by going to Admin > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild. Please note that changing the file path of these directories will cause the corresponding customizations to be non-functional once the repair completes.

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