Health Check Error: Incompatible Database Collation


    The Health Check wizard must be run when upgrading to evaluate whether your instance is suitable for upgrade. During the health check, various types of issues may be detected which can affect your ability to upgrade. This article will cover the “Incompatible database collation” error reported by the health check.


    This error generates an output similar to the following in health check:

    HC IncompatibleDBCollation


    To address this issue, Sugar’s collation setting will need to be updated before proceeding with the upgrade. Changing this setting will change the collation for existing tables in the database as well as new tables created in the future. Use the following steps to change the collation setting:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Locale.
    2. Select “utf8_general_ci” from the Collation dropdown in the Database Collation panel.
    3. Click “Save”. 

    Once the database has finished changing the collation for existing tables, you will be directed back to the Admin page. Perform the health check again to confirm that the error is no longer reported.

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