Health Check Error: PHP Error in File


    The Health Check wizard must be run when upgrading in order to evaluate your instance’s ability to move to the target version. During the health check, various types of issues may be detected which can affect your ability to upgrade. This article will cover how to resolve a general PHP error reported by the health check.


    This error generates an output similar to the following in health check:

    [2014-10-24T15:45:27-07:00] BUCKET => F: [Issue 75][phpError][529][E_NOTICE: Undefined variable: layout_defs in file ./custom/Extension/modules/Opportunities/Ext/Layoutdefs/_overrideOrder.php on line 10]


    This message is reporting that PHP found an error in your Sugar instance, indicating an error exists that needs to be resolved. If the error is caused by custom code, you should evaluate if the customization is still necessary. If the error looks to be originating in file that Sugar generated, you can open a support case to request assistance.

    Disabling Notice Errors

    If you determine that all Notice-level errors are non-impactful to your instance, you can temporarily disable them. Be sure to re-enable Notice-level errors after upgrade so that you will receive these errors for future upgrades.

    The health check’s error message will specify the file that has caused the health check error. The error used as an example in this article’s Symptoms section tells us that there is an undefined variable on line 10 of the file .custom/Extension/modules/Opportunities/Ext/Layoutdefs/_overrideOrder.php which causes a PHP E_NOTICE (or simply, notice) error. You can attempt to disable NOTICE-level errors by adding the following code to the error_reporting section of the php.ini file so that only Fatal and Warning errors are reported:

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_NOTICE
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