Increasing the Size of the Web Page Dashlet


    In Sugar®, users have the option to add a Web Page dashlet to their home page dashboards. This dashlet is designed to display a specified external website. By default, the size of the Web Page dashlet can be a maximum of ten rows high, which does not always display the website properly. This article explains how to increase the Web Page dashlet’s maximum height.

    Note: This article pertains to Sugar version 7.x.


    You must be an administrator or have developer-level role access in Sugar to access Admin > Dropdown Editor, which is required in the Configuring the Web Page Dropdown section. Once those steps are complete, any user can complete the steps in the Configuring the Web Page Dashlet section.

    Steps to Complete

    First, an admin user will need to alter the dropdown list of possible heights which is used by the dashlet. Once a new, larger height has been added to that list, any end user who is configuring their Web Page dashlet will be able to select the larger option.

    Configuring the Web Page Dropdown

    Use the following instructions to add a new dashlet height value for the Display Rows field via the Dropdown Editor.

    1. Navigate to Admin > Dropdown Editor.
    2. Find and select the dropdown labeled “dashlet_webpage_limit_options”.
    3. The numbers displayed in the dashlet_webpage_limit_options list represent the number of rows the dashlet can occupy on a dashboard. Add a line for the maximum allowed value, 17, then click “Add”:
      • Item Name : 17
      • Display Name : 17
        Note: The Web Page dashlet can be enlarged to a maximum of 17 rows. If you add and select a number greater than 17, the dashlet will re-size to 17 rows.
    4. Click “Save” to finalize your changes.

    Configuring the Web Page Dashlet

    Once an admin has added the new option to the dashlet_webpage_limit_options dropdown list, any end user can configure the Web Page dashlet on their dashboard to use the new value:

    1. Navigate to the dashboard on your Sugar home page where you want the Web Page dashlet to appear.
    2. Add the Web Page dashlet to the dashboard’s layout, which will take you directly to the dashlet’s edit view. For instructions on how to add dashlets to your home page, please refer to the Home documentation.

      Alternatively, edit an existing Web Page dashlet by clicking the Gear icon and selecting “Edit”.
    3. Select “17” from the Display Rows dropdown then click “Save”.
    4. If applicable, click “Save” on the dashboard to finalize all changes.


    Fullview WebpageDashlet

    Once saved, the Web Page dashlet will appear larger on your dashboard. For maximum scale, use the one-column layout, which will span the entire width of your browser. 

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