Installing a Bug Hotfix


    When an existing defect in Sugar is addressed and has a status of either “Closed” or “Pending-QA”, a hotfix can be installed before the next release in order to resolve the bug on an instance running the previous release. On-site clients can request for the hotfix package, which is a module loadable package that can be installed in Sugar to fix the specific bug. Hotfixes cannot be installed in Sugar cloud instances. This article will go over how administrators can install a bug hotfix package to an on-site instance.


    On-site clients need to be running a currently supported version of Sugar prior to installing the hotfix. The hotfix package should be saved on your local machine in order to upload the file via Module Loader. You must be an admin user in order to install the hotfix to your instance.

    Steps to Complete

    On-site clients will need to request the hotfix package from Sugar Support to install it into their instance. The steps below will go over how to install the hotfix package into your on-site instance:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Module Loader
    2. Click the Choose File button to select the hotfix package, then click “Upload”.
    3. Click the Install button after the hotfix package is uploaded.
    4. Review and complete any instructions displayed. These instructions can be viewed again in the readme file included in the package.
    5. Review the license agreement, choose “Accept”, and click “Commit”.
    6. Once the package is installed successfully, you may want to clear your browser cache and refresh the page in Sugar.

    If installing the hotfix and clearing your browser cache does not fix the affected bug in your instance, please file a case with the Sugar Support team for further assistance.

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