IP Warming – Establishing a Successful Sending Reputation Establishing a Successful Sending Reputation

    To establish a successful sending reputation for your IP address, it is encouraged that you properly warm up your IP address using a few of the tips we recommend below.

    Send only to the most active customers (ie- those customers who actively open and click email campaigns) as high delivery rates will help your IP address’s reputation.

    Spreading out mailings over several days and splitting mailing lists up will help create smaller segments that will allow your IP address to get established. Try to split larger lists into smaller segmented lists, and send mail to only one segmented list per day over the first few days of the initial send for a campaign. You want to avoid and eliminate large spikes in sending, so we recommend sending to 10,000 emails on Day 1 to active customers and gradually increase every 1-3 days until you reach full capacity by Day 30.

    Monitoring bounce rates to be equal to or less than 3% is also encouraged. Some blocking and filtering is normal as your IP warms. 

    You can start doubling your daily sent mail volume on a week to week basis after the initial warm up period has been established. Sending to smaller segmented lists every business day of the week is recommended rather than sending to one large list on one day of the week and not sending email on any of the remaining days in the week.

    Following the recommended tips above will allow you to create and establish a stable and reputable IP address with improved delivery performance.

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