Opt-In for Other Forms of Contact Creation


    There are many instances on the platform where users can manually upload contacts to Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion. As per GDPR regulations, it is important that contacts in the EU provide proper consent in receiving email communications from your company. In order to be GDPR compliant, we are placing some checks in all these manual uploaded instances to ensure that opt-in statuses are verified.

    Where are these checks occurring and how does it work?

    Every place where contacts are manually added to the platform, we are adding a verification checkbox that will require users to verify that contacts being added have opted-in. How you’ve obtained consent will depend on your workflow, as by checking this box assumes you have obtained consent from the contact(s) you are about to add in some form. Below are a few examples of where we’ve added the the opt-in verification.

    Opt-In Verification in File Import Wizard

    Opt-In verification in File Upload Wizard

    Opt-In Verification in EMB

    Opt-In verification in EMB

    Not verifying opt-in status will prevent you from adding the contacts as a way to ensure that the contacts you are adding are GDPR compliant and have given the proper consent in whichever method you obtained it.

    Where else on the platform can I expect these checkboxes to appear?

    The opt-in verification will occur in the following areas:

    • File Import Upload Wizard
    • Add Recipients step in EMB 
    • Adding individual recipients in an Active Nurture through the Manage page
    • Adding recipients in the Nurture Design Wizard
    • Adding a new contact through the Contacts page
    • Adding a new contact through the Account profile page
    • Adding a New Member in an Event Session
    • Importing Members via an Excel File in an Event Session
    • Quick Adding Event Members in an Event Session
    • Adding a contact in a Distribution List

    How to get access to this information

    To facilitate proper auditing and tracing, we track the source of the verification (where it occurred) as well as the user who verified the opt-in statuses of the manually added contacts. That way, if you ever need to check when a manually added contact was verified to be opted-in, we can grab it for you.

    Currently, this information is stored in our databases so it is only available upon request. If you are interested in obtaining this information, please file a case with the Sugar Support team.

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