Problems with Microsoft Outlook

    Sugar Market’s, formerly known as Salesfusion’s Email Builder allows marketers to design emails with custom colors and images for exact branding, with an HTML editor (for text areas) for precision editing where needed. Knowing how much time you’ve spent building out your campaigns, we even partnered with Litmus so each customer instance can submit campaigns to Advanced Testing 100 times a month (across all Users), where your email is rendered in the various clients and versions of each client.

    Sometimes, however, the campaign still doesn’t look exactly correct when it arrives in your Inbox, specifically with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft’s flagship product was Word, which Outlook is rooted in. Since Word is for ‘print’ (even though everything is digital these days), it automatically formats everything to appear how Word would print it.

     Here’s a Campaign in Chrome/Gmail


    and here’s the same Campaign in Outlook (2013)


    Unfortunately, there is nothing Sugar Market can do to prevent this; your best option is to take that into account and format your email accordingly after running an Advanced Test or two.

    Litmus does have an article on Outlook’s unique rendering in which some of the reformatting is explained which might help further explain this issue.

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