Reordering Subpanels for End Users


    Subpanels appear below a record’s fields on record views and contain records related to the one you are viewing. While the system administrator defines a default subpanel order for everyone, end users can easily re-order their subpanels to reflect their own business priorities.

    Each user’s preferred subpanel order is stored as a browser cookie so that the order will be remembered between sessions. The order will not be preserved, however, if the user logs into Sugar from a different computer, device, or browser than where the change was made. Similarly, clearing browser cookies will cause the subpanel order to revert to the system’s default order.

    Steps to Complete

    As an example, use the following steps to move the Calls subpanel to the topmost position under a record:

    1. Navigate to any record in the module whose record view you wish to change. Please note that changes made to the subpanel order of one module are not mimicked in other modules. For example, if you want to move the Calls subpanel to the top of every module’s record view, you must repeat these steps in the Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and any other modules that contain a relationship with calls.
    2. Scroll down to the subpanel area beneath the record’s details.
    3. Hover your mouse over the header bar of the subpanel you would like to move. When the mouse cursor changes to a 4-way arrow, drag and drop the subpanel to the desired position.

    Sugar saves the change to your browser cookies automatically and confirms the change with a green notification at the top of the screen:

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