Replacing Sendmail on SugarCloud


    Sendmail is not a valid option for sending emails from instances hosted on Sugar’s cloud service. This prevents the situation of the sending domain not matching the sending email address. 

    Steps to Complete

    If your SugarCloud instance was previously using Sendmail, you must update it to use SMTP in order for emails to be sent:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Email Settings.
    2. Under “Email Notifications Options”, change the Mail Transfer Agent value to “SMTP”.
    3. Fill in the SMTP server and SMTP port information for your mail server. If you do not know this information, contact your IT manager.
    4. Save the email settings.

    For more information about configuring SMTP, please refer to the Email documentation as well as the following articles:

    • Configuring Your SMTP Server to Work With SugarCloud
    • Configuring Your SMTP Server to Work With Sugar
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