Send Emails in Batches

    We’re introducing a new feature to improve sending emails within Email Builder:  the ability to schedule one campaign to be sent in multiple batches.

    This feature is especially helpful if you have a large list of customers but want to distribute a send across a longer timeframe, ensuring your sales team isn’t overwhelmed by response from one large send all at once.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Within Email Builder, visit the Schedule Your Email step.
    • A new option, “Split Send Into Batches”, is available beneath the standard scheduler.
    • A new set of batch options will expand, allowing you to select the number of batches you’d like to split your campaign into and the specific dates and times you’d like them to be sent.
    • Each batch will receive an evenly-divided number of recipients from the recipients you included in your campaign.

    From there, simply send your campaign as usual.  You can review the scheduled batches from the “Confirm and Send” step on the following screen.

    in Legacy Email Builders

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