Sending a Log File From Sugar Mobile


    When troubleshooting an issue in Sugar Mobile, Sugar’s support team may ask you to email the application’s log file directly from your mobile device. This file contains any errors that have occurred in your specific Sugar Mobile app which may assist in troubleshooting the problem. This article covers how to collect and send the log files from Sugar Mobile to our support team.

    Steps to Complete

    Use the following instructions to access and send the Sugar Mobile log file to the Sugar Support team:

    1. Open Sugar Mobile on your mobile device.
    2. If you are currently logged into the application, tap the three-bar icon located in the top-left corner to open the main menu, then scroll down and tap “About”.

      If you cannot log in to Sugar Mobile, tap the About link located at the bottom of the login page:
    3. On the About page, swipe your finger over the Support field three times consecutively, from left to right. 
    4. After the third swipe, a Feedback field will appear above the Support field. On the Feedback field, tap the Sugar Support email address to open the default email client on your mobile device.
    5. A file labeled “sugar_log.txt” will be automatically attached to the new email, and the Sugar Support email address will be automatically populated in the To field. Optionally, add any other desired email addresses to the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. 
    6. If you are sending the file to Sugar Support in regards to an open case with Sugar, please add the case number to the beginning of the email’s subject line in the following format, replacing 12345 with the relevant case number: [CASE:12345].
    7. Send the email to forward the log file to Sugar Support. 

    The recipients of the email can download and access the sugar_log.txt file. The Sugar Support team will use the file to assist in troubleshooting any issues you may be experiencing with Sugar Mobile.

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