Sending Alerts to non-Owner (low-impact/effort)

    Usually in Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, Alerts go to those whose duty it is to follow up on leads/contacts to ensure an opportunity doesn’t slip away, ie the Owner. More often than not, however, the only options for receiving alerts is to the Owner, a Role or a Geo.

    This article will go over why you might want to create a Role designed for alert catching, how to set it up a certain way and why. The only pre-requisite is that the User to be assigned this ‘alerts-only’ role already exists.

    To get things started, go to the User Menu > Account Configuration, then Roles :

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    From here you’ll see all existing roles within your account. We want to click the New button on the upper-right, at which point a modal will appear asking you to provide a Name and Description. Once that’s done, we’ll simply assign whoever needs the alert to the role, and save it; you’re done!

    The reason you do not need to provide Data access, Navigation Access or any permissions is because the Alert being sent was originally for the Owner, and the function we’re using to send the Alert is “Copy to Role”, key word being ‘copy’; it’s the exact same email, now told to be sent to this Role. And since Sugar Market has no limits/charges for creating Users or Roles, there are a few use cases for this scenario:

    1. Interns – they rarely spend more than a few weeks or months with the company, and might not need much more than to be made aware of certain client/contact activity to be logged in CRM.

    2. Training reps – sometimes they just need examples of what to expect, volume/frequency, and can be given their real role later.

    3. Temporary responsibility – Even if your Geos/territories are correct, sometimes extraneous circumstances require you to pull in extra help.

    If the User being assigned to the role has other Roles already, it’s a great way to get them extra alerts temporarily, as the highest permissions are what apply.

    in Account Configuration

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