Setting Starting Numbers for Quotes, Cases, and Bugs


    The Quotes, Cases, and Bugs modules include a stock number field (e.g. Quote number) to help identify and distinguish each record in the module. When a new record is created and saved in Sugar®, the number field automatically increments based on the last created record’s number. By default, the first quotes, cases, and bugs created in Sugar start at “1”, but administrators can easily alter the starting number based on their organization’s needs via Admin > Studio. 

    Beginning with version 9.1.0, each user’s license type (e.g. Sugar Serve) determines what functionality is available as described in the User Management documentation. Please note that the Cases and Bugs modules are not available for Sugar Sell users and the Quotes module is not available for Sugar Serve users.


    You must be an administrator or have developer-level role access for the Quotes, Cases, and Bugs modules in order to make the necessary change in Studio.

    Use Case

    In this example, we will change the starting number for the Cases module to start from “100” instead of “1”.

    Steps to Complete

    1. Navigate to Admin > Studio > Cases > Fields and click the Number field to edit it.
    2. Locate the Auto Increment Next Value field and enter the value (e.g. 100) you wish to set as the starting number.
      • Note: The value you enter must be a higher number than any existing number currently assigned to the module’s record.


    3. Click “Save” to preserve the change.


    Once the starting number is set, the newly created case number will start with “100” and any succeeding cases will auto-increment from this number (e.g. 101, 102, and 103).

    in Studio and Module Builder

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