Setting Up a Daily Emailed Report


    In Sugar®, you have the option to email reports directly to you. This can be especially useful for users who must monitor certain activity via reports on a regular basis. This article will cover how to schedule a report so it will be emailed to you every day.

    Note: This article pertains to Sugar versions 8.0.x and lower. As of Sugar 8.1.0, users can schedule reports using the Report Schedules module. For more information, refer to the Reports documentation for Sugar 8.1 or later.


    • You must already have the system email settings configured in Admin > Email Settings. For more information, please refer to the Email documentation.
    • You must already have your email address listed on your profile page.
    • The scheduled job labeled “Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks” must be set to “Active”. For more information, please refer to the Schedulers documentation.

    Steps to Complete

    Use the following steps to send a daily report:

    1. Go to the Reports module.
    2. Search for the report you wish to have emailed to you.
    3. In the Reports list view, you will see a column labeled “Schedule Report”. Click “–none–” from the list view in order to schedule the report.
      report list
    4. In the pop-up view, set the following fields:
      • Start Date : Select the date in which you would like to start receiving the report.
      • Time Interval : Select how often you would like to receive the report. Also, select the exact time in the day you would like to receive the email. For this example, we have selected “Daily” at 11am.
      • Active : Check this box to activate emailing for this report.

      ScheduleReport Popup

    5. Click “Update Schedule” to finalize.


    Once the report has been successfully scheduled for emailing, you should now receive the report via email at the specified date and time. To edit or disable emailing for this report in the future, simply click on the blue date and time located in the Schedule Report column on the record’s row. 

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