Standardizing Subpanel Ordering for All Users


    Users in Sugar® can easily move subpanels to a new location in the module’s record view by dragging and dropping the subpanel’s header. The new subpanel order will remain for a user upon subsequent visits to the module until the user’s browser cache is cleared.

    Note: This article pertains to Sugar version 7.x.


    If the administrator wishes to arrange the subpanel order in the module for all users, they will need to log into each user’s Sugar account from the user’s computer to set the subpanel layouts as desired.

    For Legacy modules only, the administrator can prevent users from dragging and dropping subpanels to a different location in the detail view layout by enabling the “Prevent user customizable subpanel layout” option via Admin > System Settings.

    Note: While administrators cannot regulate the default order of subpanels for users in Sidecar modules, it is possible to show or hide certain modules (and thereby subpanels) for different user types via roles. For more information on disabling module access, please refer to the Role Management documentation.

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