Tracking Source and Permission for all Contacts

    Generating leads is usually the number one goal of marketers. With all the effort and cost associated, knowing how your leads are performing should be critical to every marketer. Not only can this information help make a marketer successful, some global regulations rest the burden of proof for consent on the data collector. If you are not tracking and capturing this information, you may run risk of not being able to show proof of consent down the road.  Track the source of your contacts so that you can:

    • Gain a better understanding of what channels yield the highest conversion rates – identify where you may want to invest future dollars.
    • Help you develop and define marketing campaigns, by creating strategies based on historical performance.
    • Calculate ROI by collection source – see where your efforts have paid off.
    • Get insight on which channels are generating highest open and click rates, or poorest open, click rates and high unsubscribes.
    • Track permission level for adequate proof. Global laws are changing and many countries already require the need to have an audit trail for consent, and in the next year several additional regulations will come to force. Marketers will need to have source and level of consent easily identified to stand up in court. 

    If you aren’t doing so, you should start immediately to track the source and permission level of your contacts.

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