Troubleshooting Firewalls with Updates and License Validation


    When trying to connect to the Sugar Updates and License Validation servers, one of the following errors may be received:

    Error: Could not connect to the Sugar Server.

    Failed to connect : 01/01/2013 10:00am


    A local firewall or proxy server is preventing the SugarCRM installation from communicating with SugarCRM’s servers.



    Add a rule to your firewall configuration to allow traffic to and from the following domain:


    If you do not have a firewall restricting access or the firewall rules are confirmed to be accurate, you may also have a proxy server in place limiting traffic to external websites while your Sugar instance is not configured correctly to work with this proxy.

    If you have a proxy server in place:

    1. Go to Admin > System Settngs.
    2. Confirm that Use Proxy Server is checked.
    3. Check that the Proxy Host, Port, and Authentication are set correctly.

    Manual Validation

    If after configuring the proxy server or firewall and you still cannot connect, you may need to manually validate the license key with the steps below.

    1. Navigate to Admin > License Management.
    2. Click the Manual Validation link located at the bottom of the panel.
    3. In the Manual Validation panel, click Export Download Key to export the sugarkey.lic file and save this to your local machine.
    4. Go to and submit the sugarkey.lic file for validation that you downloaded in step 2.
    5. If validation is successful, the system prompts you to save the file.
    6. Log into your Sugar installation and navigate to Admin > License Management > Manual Validation.
    7. Browse to the location of the sugarvalidationkey.lic file on your local machine and click Import.
    8. Once this is completed, Sugar should update the validation for the license key.

    If this manual procedure also fails, there could be a problem with the license key that you are attempting to validate. Please refer to the article Troubleshooting License Validation.

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