Troubleshooting Internal Server Error 500 or Page Cannot Be Displayed


    This article describes the first steps to try when attempting to access a Sugar page results in an “Internal Server Error – 500” or “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error.


    This is a generic error message generally caused by configuration issues with PHP or system permissions.


    SugarCloud Instances

    If you are an administrator, please try running a Quick Repair and Rebuild, which often resolves general issues. If the repair does not resolve your SugarCloud instance’s symptoms, please file a case and state which page or action is failing and which users are affected.

    On-Site Instances

    To resolve this issue, first, obtain more specific error information by changing the settings of the web browser. To see more specific details about the error in Internet Explorer:

    1. Click on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
    2. Under “Browsing,” uncheck the box “Show friendly HTTP error messages”. You will now be able to see the full error message, including specific issues that will help you in isolating the problem.

    Additional steps to troubleshoot include:

    • Ensure that the server is up and running.
    • If you are able to access it, try running Quick Repair and Rebuild.
    • Check the server logs for PHP errors or turn display errors on to have them show any errors in the browser.

    If these steps do not resolve your instance’s symptoms, please file a case and state which page or action is failing and which users are affected.

    Common On-Site Issues

    • Directory/file Owners and Permissions : The most common error message is related to file permission. By default, most directories are read-only and will need to be manually corrected to allow writing/executing permissions.
    • Apache conflicts in the .htaccess file : Adding “RewriteEngine” options to the .htaccess file without having the mod_rewrite module loaded in Apache will cause 500 errors.
    • PHP was incorrectly installed : To check if PHP is running correctly, create a test.php file with the contents:


      Run the test.php file; if a 500 error is returned, then the PHP installation is misconfigured.

    • Un-parsable text : Due to a file-locking bug which was resolved in an early version of Sugar, Studio changes to a file may have been corrupted causing a failure to
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