Troubleshooting Issues With Filesystem Permissions


    If your instance is hosted On-Site, you may run into one or more of the following issues after installing Sugar because of file permissions, PHP.ini settings, and .htaccess settings:

    • After a fresh install, the Sugar page styles are lost or poorly laid out
    • You see error messages on screen
    • Your page is blank
    • Information cannot be accessed


    If you’re having difficulty with file permissions and ownership within the application, or things aren’t working as they seem, here’s a quick guide on file permissions to get yourself familiar with how things should work:
    On Windows:
    On Unix (and Mac OS X):

    In Sugar’s world, you’ll need to make sure that your entire set of SugarCRM files (and directories) are owned by the user that the webserver runs as.

    For instructions on setting your permissions on a Linux server, please refer to our article Required Filesystem Permissions on Linux.

    For a Windows server, please refer to our article Required Filesystem Permissions on Windows With IIS.

    When Sugar creates a file or directory during execution, it looks to its config.php file for the defaults on what permission the file or directory should be created with. Read more in the article Setting Default File Permissions and Ownership Via config.php.

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