Troubleshooting License Validation


    The information in this article helps troubleshoot license validation issues when you cannot validate your license key through Admin > License Management or via manual validation after moving Sugar to a new server.


    Admin users may see the following alert:

    • Your license has been altered since the last time you validated it. Please go to the “License Management” in the Admin screen.

    Users may see the following message on the login screen:

    • Your company’s license for SugarCRM needs to be validated. Only admins may login.


    First, confirm that you are using a valid download key with an expiration date that has not yet passed. A download key is valid for one year from when it is first issued. To renew an expired download key or if you believe your License Key is incorrect, reach out to the Customer Success team for assistance.

    Next, if your instance of Sugar is not hosted on our cloud servers, confirm that the server hosting Sugar is running a supported version of PHP.  Please refer to the Supported Platforms page to find out which PHP version will work with your instance.

    Finally, if your on-site instance is behind a firewall preventing access to our license servers, please view this article on Manually Validating your Sugar License.

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