Troubleshooting Meetings Not Appearing on Calendar


    A User’s Calendar will display all Meetings for which the User is an attendee. Be careful: being an attendee of a Meeting is not the same as being the Assigned User.

    Example 1

    In our first scenario, Will creates a Meeting for February 12th. Scrolling down, he can see the Scheduling section which shows the invitees.

    Sugar automatically adds the User who is creating the Meeting as an attendee – the system assumes he or she will be present at the Meeting being made. Will doesn’t need to do anything more before saving to have this Meeting appear on his Calendar.

    Example 2

    In our second scenario, Will is Jim’s manager and is setting up meetings for Jim. Since he will not be attending these meetings himself, he can remove himself from the attendee list by clicking the remove button.

    Will can then add Jim and any other attendees before saving the Meeting. Now Will is still the Assigned User, but the Meeting does not appear on his Calendar because he is not listed as an attendee.

    This Meeting will appear on Jim’s Calendar because he is an attendee even though he is not the Assigned User:

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