Troubleshooting Missing Upload Button on Step 3 of Upgrade Wizard


    When proceeding through a Sugar upgrade, there is a step to upload the upgrade file. This article explains what to do if you do not see the button to perform the upload in that step.


    • Your instance of Sugar is either hosted in our cloud environment or it was hosted in our cloud environment previously.
    • The ‘Upload Upgrade’ button does not appear on Step 3 of the Upgrade Wizard.


    SugarCloud Instances

    If your instance is cloud-hosted, upgrades are managed by our Operations team. If your instance is not already on the latest version and you would like to upgrade, please file a case with the Sugar Support team.

    On-Site Instances

    If your instance is hosted on site, there is a setting in the config.php or config_override.php file located in the root directory of your Sugar installation. Search both files for the parameter of ‘disable_uw_upload’ and if it is in either file, set the value to false. Once that is set, restart the Upgrade Wizard in Sugar and the ‘Upload Upgrade’ button should appear.

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