Troubleshooting New Field Not Displaying in Layouts


    When a new field has been created in Studio, the field needs to be added to the relevant layouts so that it can be viewed and used. If you have added the new field to your layouts via Studio, but it still does not appear in your layouts after clicking Save & Deploy, there are several possible solutions.


    Quick Repair & Rebuild

    If a recent Studio change is not yet visible in your instance, then performing a “Quick Repair and Rebuild” may help. For more information regarding this feature, please refer to the Running Quick Repair and Rebuild article.

    1. Navigate to Admin > Repair.
    2. Click “Quick Repair and Rebuild”.

    Browser Cache

    Occasionally your browser’s cache may be storing information that prevents new changes to your layouts from displaying. Clearing the browser’s cache can help relieve this issue. For more information on clearing browser cache, please refer to the Clearing Browser Cache article. 

    Supported Browser

    If you have performed the above steps and still not seeing the field, please confirm that you are using a supported browser version.

    Fields in Reports

    If a new field is not showing up under Available Fields when creating a report, please refer to the Troubleshooting Fields Not Available in Reports article.

    in Studio and Module Builder

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