Troubleshooting Projects Pop-up Not Respecting Studio Changes


    There may be occasions where changes made to the PopupView layouts (Popup Search and Popup ListView) for the Projects module in Studio do not display in the Projects module as expected after clicking “Save & Deploy”. This article will cover how to resolve this issue in order for the changes made in Studio to be reflected in the Projects module. 


    In earlier versions of SugarCRM, there were files in ./modules/Projects/ which interfere with custom files Sugar creates when changes are made in Studio. Customers who have upgraded from an older release of Sugar may experience the project’s pop-up layout not reflecting Studio changes because of these older files. Please note that instances which were originally installed on 6.5.x or later should not experience this issue.


    To resolve this issue, you will need to remove the errant files from your SugarCRM file system before making the desired changes in Studio: 

    1. Navigate to the following directory:
      • Unix/Linux Web Servers : //modules/Project/
      • Windows Web Servers : :\\\modules\Project\
    2. Create a new directory titled “disabled”.
    3. Move the following files into the newly created “disabled” directory:
      • Popup.html
      • Popup.php
      • Popup_picker.html
      • Popup_picker.php
    4. Log out and log back into Sugar.
    5. Make changes to the project’s PopupView layout in Studio then “Save & Deploy”.

    The Project module’s pop-up layouts (Pop-up List View or Pop-up Search) will now properly reflect the changes made in Studio.

    in Studio and Module Builder

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