Troubleshooting Query Limits


    As more records are added to an instance, errors like this may begin to appear for non-admin users: “Query limit of XXXX reached for Calls module”


    To increase the size of the query limit (or to disable the query limit), please add the following line to the ./config_override.php file, located in the application root directory:

    $sugar_config['resource_management']['default_limit'] = Y;

    Where Y is the new query limit threshold. If Y is set to zero, the query limit functionality will be disabled. If you do not want to modify the overall limit for every module in Sugar, you can add a specific module to an exception array. In the ‘config.php’ file located in the application root directory, there is an array similar to:

    'special_query_modules' => array (
        0 => 'Reports',
        1 => 'Export',
        2 => 'Import',
        3 => 'Administration',
        4 => 'Sync',

    You can append modules to this array in ‘config_override.php’ by adding an entry such as the following:

    $sugar_config['resource_management']['special_query_modules'][] = 'Module_Name';

    Where Module_Name is the module identified in the query limit error received by the user (e.g. Calls). 

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