Troubleshooting the “My Forecast” Dashlet


    Dashlets displaying forecasting information, such as closed deals, are incorrectly returning a $0 amount.


    The default options in the sales_stage_dom dropdown have been removed. The SugarCRM application allows you to edit the Display Label of drop-downs, or to delete the default drop-down items completely. However, the application searches against specific Item Names, such as “Closed Won” and “Closed Lost,” to generate forecasting dashlets, so if you delete the default options, your forecasting dashlets will cease to function correctly.


    To correct this issue, go to Admin > Developer Tools > Dropdown Editor and select the sales_stage_dom for editing. The default drop-down items include the following Item Names:

    • Prospecting
    • Qualification
    • Needs Analysis
    • Value Proposition
    • Id. Decision Makers
    • Perception Analysis
    • Proposal/Price Quote
    • Negotiation/Review
    • Closed Won
    • Closed Lost

    Recreate the lost default options by clicking on the “Add” button and using the above item names. You can set the display label to be anything you want.

    in Studio and Module Builder

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