Troubleshooting Themes (CSS) Display Issues


    Sometimes, after installing SugarCRM in a root-folder the css-style sheets of every theme are not linked. As a result, the theme does not display correctly. If this happens, check if you have set the file and directory permissions in your Sugar installation folder so that the web server under which your Sugar installation is running has proper file access permissions.


    The files and directories that must be writable by your web server are:

    • config.php
    • config_override.php (does not exist by default but is created when modifying System Settings)
    • sugarcrm.log
    • cache/ and all subdirectories and files
    • custom/ and all subdirectories and files
    • data/ and all subdirectories and files
    • modules/ and all subdirectories and files

    The sample permission scheme outlined below, a standard setup, assumes that the host system user under which the web server is running is a member of the same group to which Sugar files and directories belong. For example, if your web server is running under the user “apache” and your files belong to the “apache” group, then Sugar requires the following permissions:

    • 775 for the directories listed above
    • 664 for the config.php file and all files in the directories listed above

    All other files can be 644 and all other directories can be 755. However, some hosting providers don’t, by default, set the file group membership to a group to which the apache user belongs. In such cases, you will need to either request your hosting provider to change the group ownership of your Sugar installation files to a group that the Apache web server is a member of or set the file permissions as follows:

    • 777 for the directories listed above
    • 666 for the config.php file and all files in the directories listed above Hosting – Specific Information has all files set at 644 and SugarCRM will be able to edit any file with that permission. However, you will receive the following error: “”Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Permission denied in /include/utils/sugar_file_utils.php on line 196″”. This is because Sugar attempts to change the permissions on certain files from time to time and is not configured for to allow php to change permissions on files. The answer is to change line 196 in the file /include/utils/sugar_file_utils.php to the following: return true; //chmod($filename, $mode);

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