Understanding Global Attributes

    What are General Attributes?

    Global settings

    The General Attributes section of Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, contains some of the foundational setup of your account. A brief description of the tabs found on the General Attributes page follows:

    • General – Establish your organizational information, including primary contact, address information, and location settings
    • CRM – Establish default system templates, define numerous opportunities status as ‘won,’ choose which lead status values should be included in the sales funnel, etc.
    • Dashboard – Control various values to customize your Dashboards. This includes which lead status you’d like to appear, select to view estimated closing date vs. estimated closing date, and much more
    • Landing Pages – Add the link to your privacy policy to feed the ++PrivacyPolicy++ merge field within your landing pages. You can also create a default Inactive Notice that will appear when a landing page is no longer active.
    • Emails – Customize email settings including setting default values for common merge fields such as FirstName, LastName and AccountName, as well as setting a compliance email address, who will receive a copy of every email that leaves our system. You also have the ability to customize the footer for all emails, typically used for compliance information or Ts & Cs. Access your SPf and DKIM Information
    • Forward – The Forward to a Friend feature allows email recipients to forward their email to another email address which will generate a new encoded email with the recipient’s information and a unique cookie to track that contact should they click on a link within the email. This section allows you to edit the header and footer information only with the HTML Editor.
    • Privacy – Easily control a list of countries that you do not wish to engage with. As a country is selected, the system will ensure any new leads created with the country indicated, are not added to your CRM.
    • Reports – Assign basic reports settings, such as how many lines you want to see per page, and hiding Internet Service Providers such as Comcast, AT&T, RoadRunner, etc.
    • Templates – Create a template default that appears anytime a new template is created.
    • Unsubscribe – Customize your Unsubscribe page by editing the header and footer information.

    Why should Sugar Market users review and complete General Attributes?

    We recommend all new customers and those new to an existing Sugar Market account review their General Attributes. This will provide some basic information on how your account is configured and the options that are selected. Reviewing these sections will also create a more predictable experience, such as ‘why is there a standard footer added to every email we send & how to I update it?’

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